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Looking for Pizza in Town

If you want to celebrate small victories, you must have thought of getting pizza. Your friends will surely love to eat pizza because they want its aroma and form. Since there are various pizza sellers in the city, you need a food provider that is reliable and dependable. If you heard about Pizza and Then Some, you must visit their official website to know what they offer. If you stay somewhere in Easley, Greenville, and Belton, getting the finest pizza will never be an issue. The food provider will surely cater all your needs.

As you browse further, you realize that Pizza and Then Some is not only serving pizza. They also offer calzones, wings, lasagna, and salads. If some of your friends are looking for additions, then they will never recommend other pizza parlors because the company provides a variety of food. It is important to know the background of your provider before you choose to buy from them. You will love to know that the food supplier is family owned. It only shows that they are serious in offering quality food products. They started their operation in 2012. If you want to order food from them, they can welcome you at their store. However, you can also avail their carryout and food delivery services.

Since their success is based on customer satisfaction, they will serve only the freshest ingredients. Rest assured that they will go far beyond your expectations. It is important for them that you are happy because that is their basis of happiness and success. Expect that their dough is made of the freshest vegetables and quality meats. They have been choosing trustworthy local vendors to supply those products. Worry no more if you crave for pizza because they can offer you the most outstanding pizza in terms of taste and presentation. They can also provide other menu options which your friends would love to avail.

If you want to call to order, they have telephone numbers assigned in every community. If you stay in Belton, they have a hotline for Belton residence owners. Same is true for those who stay in Greenville and Easley. If you want their Supreme Pizza, you can avail one with various ingredients. Expect it to have black olives, mushrooms, green peppers, onions, sausage, ground beef, and pepperoni ham. It is available in a price ranging from $9.99 to $14.99.

When it comes to chicken wings, you may have various flavors such as BBQ, hot, hot yaki, teriyaki, lemon pepper, spicy mango, and honey mustard. Its price starts at $9.99. You may also avail Stromboli for $7.49 and Greek Salad for $7.99. You might also be interested at getting Zesty Italian Sub at $7.99 only. If you want to avail super family dinner, expect to get 2-topping and even one specialty pizza. You better prepare $21.99 if you desire for a large pizza and $7.99 if you just choose the medium one. You surely like to order because of the happy customers that share their testimonials about them.

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